Located in the legendary Lincoln Park neighborhood, and less than a block off Lincoln Ave, Tavern 57 sits among historic Chicago Buildings right on the corner of Wrightwood and Seminary. 1059 W Wrightwood Ave has been a neighborhood bar since the 1940’s.  Keeping that tradition alive, our vision was simple.  Let’s put a fresh twist on the classic Chicago corner bar. A Nice selection of Cocktails, Wines and Beers paired with plenty of TV’s and places to Lounge. Whether it’s after work, to catch the Game, celebrate something special or just a fun night out with Friends, Tavern 57 has that neighborhood vibe you only find in the Windy City!  T57 is “Chicago’s new neighborhood bar”

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History of Tavern 57

Tavern 57 boasts a rich history as a beloved corner bar in the Lincoln Park neighborhood for over 75 years. As the new kid on the block, we’d like to pay homage to the establishments that came before us, paving the way into the hearts and pints of its patrons. In our efforts to find the who’s, what’s and when’s, we discovered a common theme between these walls that has remained a constant: Family.

Starting in the 1940’s, the Biancalla brothers took ownership and called the bar Vince and Johnny’s. Older brother Vince bought it so that his younger brother Johnny would have a place to work after he returned from the war. It is rumored that sports betting, gambling and card games were commonplace in the back room. The occasional run in with the law didn’t hinder these brothers from entertaining their guests. Embracing the Italian culture of hospitality, the Biancalla brothers provided a locale for family, friends and neighborhood to grab a beer or sip on a cocktail for the forty years they ran the bar

In the late 1970’s or early 1980’s, another set of brothers, Bob and Dan Cetina, purchased the bar and changed the name to Players. Bob played football at NIU, which may have been a subtle nod to the bar’s namesake. Not much is known about the bar’s history during this period, but we will go ahead and make one assumption about a bar with a name like Players in the 80’s…we can be fairly certain a few great sporting events (i.e. 85 Bears, 88 NBA All Star Game) were watched and celebrated at 1059 w WRIGHTWOOD AV.

In the early 90’s it became The Wrightwood Tap.  Shortly after it opened ,  brothers Tom and Phil Piazza took over.   Known for being contributing members of the community and proud owners for more than 20 years, Tom and Phil ran The Wrightwood Tap in true Chicago corner bar fashion, adored by both DePaul students and neighbors.

The Wrightwood Tap was purchased in April of 2017 and given a new name, Tavern 57. Staying true to its roots, this drinking establishment is now owned by a few Italian first cousins in partnership with some friends from Texas. Tavern 57 was created with a new brand and one goal in mind: to continue the legend of 1059 w WRIGHTWOOD AV as a place to grab a drink, and enjoy what only a few U.S. cities are lucky enough to have, the neighborhood corner bar.